Mandatory Standards

While much of this guide was created specifically for the National Office of Adult & Teen Challenge, there are several mandatory standards that must be followed in order to be in compliance with the ATC accreditation standards.

The Affiliates use of the Teen Challenge or Adult & Teen Challenge name must comply with all Brand Standardization Guidelines (Appendix B) authorized by ATCHQ and the ATCHQ BOD. Affiliates that do not use the name as a primary reference must use the Teen Challenge or Adult & Teen Challenge name somewhere in their brandmarks in all places the name is displayed (e.g., a program of Adult & Teen Challenge)

Indicator 1.7 (Formerly Standard 16)

The mandatory brand standards for ATC centers are:

While the rest are optional, it is recommended that ATC centers create their own versions of these standards to a cohesive brand image for their individual center/corporation.